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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ৩১st August ২০২৩

এলোকেশন অব বিজনেস


কার্যবিধিমালা, ১৯৯৬ অনুসারে বাণিজ্য মন্ত্রণালয়ের জন্য কার্যবণ্টনের অধীনে নিম্নোক্ত দায়িত্বসমূহ অর্পণ করা হয়েছে –

  • Promotion and regulation of internal commerce.
  • Commercial intelligence and statistics and publications thereof.
  • Companies Act, Partnership Act, 1932, Societies Registration Act, 1860 and the Trade Organisations Ordinance,1961.
  • Control and Organisation of Chamber of Commerce.
  • Price Advising Boards.
  • Accountancy including Chartered Accountancy.
  • Cost and management Accountancy.
  • Matter relating to vested and abandoned commercial properties.
  • Commercial Monopolies.
  • Price Control.
  • Export policies including protocols, treaties agreements and conventions bearing on trade with foreign countries.
  • Review export policies and programmes.
  • Regulation and control of import trade and policies thereof.
  • Trade delegation to and from abroad, overseas trade, exhibitions and trade representation in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Purchase and supply of internal and external stores.
  • Transit trade through Bangladesh.
  • State Trading.
  • International Commodity Agreements .
  • Export promotion including administration of export credit guarantee scheme.
  • Tariff commission, tariff policy, tariff valuation, commonwealth tariff Preference, general and international agreements on tariff.
  • International trade organization including UNCTAD and GATT.
  • European Economic Community.
  • Quality control, standardization and marking of the agricultural products/animals products for the purpose of export.
  • Administration of Commercial Wings in Bangladesh missions abroad and appointment of officers and staff thereof.
  • Administration of B.C.S (Trade).
  • Secretariat administration including financial matters .
  • Administration and control of subordinate offices and organizations under this Ministry.
  • Liaison with International Organizations and matters relating to treaties and agreements with other countries and world bodies relating to subjects allotted to this Ministry.
  • All laws on subjects allotted to this Ministry.
  • Inquiries and statistics on any of the subjects allotted to this Ministry.
  • Fees in respect of any of the subjects allotted to this Ministry except fees taken in courts.