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Ahasanul Islam Titu, the State Minister, Ministry of Commerce of Bangladesh, is a Member of Parliament (Tangail-6). He holds a Member of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs and Cabinet Committee on Government Purchase.


Mr. Ahasanul has been appointed as the State Minister responsible for the Ministry of Commerce by the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on 11 January 2024. From 24 January 2024, he was appointed as a Member of Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs and Cabinet Committee on Government Purchase. He was elected to the 11th and 12th National Parliament of Bangladesh as a Member of Parliament from Tangail- 6 constituency.


He previously served as a member of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts in 11th National Parliament of Bangladesh, ensuring transparency and accountability of government spending. As a Member of Parliament, he oversaw and led ample development activities in his constituency. Mr. Ahasanul, in his first term, was actively engaged in accomplishing the construction of 155 new school buildings, development of roads and highways, including over 265 km of previously unpaved roads, 15 new bridges and initiated the construction of 2 major highways connecting Tangail-Delduar-Lauhati-Saturia-Kawalipara-Kalampur and Aricha-Ghior-Daulatpur Nagarpur-Tangail.


Mr. Ahasanul first entered politics as a member of the Gayhata Union Awami League and a member of Awami League in Nagarpur Thana. He has been holding the duties of Tangail District Awami League's Secretary of Industry and Commerce since 2003.


He has a brilliant international academic track record with an MBA with First Class Honours (Pittsburg State University, USA); BBA, Magna Cum Laude (Assumption University, Thailand); HSC, First Division with Star Marks (Dhaka College, Bangladesh); SSC, First Division (Dhaka Residential Model School, Bangladesh).


Prior to his political career, he achieved the recognition as a successful entrepreneur and renowned philanthropist with over 30 years of professional experience in the financial and industrial sectors including banking, insurance, and financial markets. Supporting the development of the economic and social standards in the country, he previously held the position of President of the Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. (DSE), President of the DSE Brokers Association of Bangladesh (DBA) and Vice-President of Bangladesh Insurance Association (BIA). He holds Membership in the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) and Life Member of SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industries. He held successful leadership roles as Vice-Chairman, Managing Director, CEO and Advisor of Sandhani Life Insurance Company Ltd. and as Managing Director and Chairman of Mona Financial Consultancy and Securities Limited.


As a philanthropist, motivated to contribute to the development of the health and educational sectors of Bangladesh, Mr. Ahasanul held the position of Chairman of Board of Trustees of City University, City Engineering Institute, MH Samorita Medical College & Hospital, MH Samorita Dental College, and MH Samorita Nursing College. He is the founding member of Alhaj Mockbul Hossain University College, Nagarpur Women’s College, Atia Girls College, Delduar and Gayhata Udaytara High School, Nagarpur.


Mr. Ahasanul was born in a Muslim family in 1969. Both his parents were dedicated to the Bangladesh Awami League Student Wing, including the Chhatra League movement of '69. His father, late Alhaj Mockbul Hossain, was a veteran freedom fighter, successful politician (1996 Member of Parliament, Dhaka-9 constituency), founding convenor of Swachchasebak League, former advisory council member of Bangladesh Awami League, businessman and social worker. His mother, Golam Fatema Tahera Khanam Mona was actively engaged in politics and a successful female entrepreneur in the garments and social service sectors, founded several educational institutions including schools, colleges, universities, madrasas, medical colleges as well as mosques. Mr. Ahasanul is married to Ariya Islam, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, and is blessed with 2 daughters, Aniqa and Alisa, and a son, Ariq.